Natraplas Factory


Natraplas is more than just another eco-friendly WA Based supplier and manufacturer. We are a family oriented business working with local businesses and international partners to provide cost effective off the shelf options and bespoke products to meet all of our clients needs. We are working closely with global pioneers in the bioplastic and sustainability industry and are very excited about the rapidly advancing sector.

Natraplas was born out of the need to reduce the amount of single use plastic items being discarded on mine-sites across the Pilbara. After more than 10 years working across sites in the Pilbara, we have seen so much unnecessary waste and decided to do something about it.

We pitched our idea of a compostable circular solution to major miner and began working with their sustainability officer to solve problems. There were obviously some “Drop In” options that were readily available off the shelf that are generally aimed at the boutique market and scaled them up. However, the harsh conditions of the Pilbara and the need for seamless practicality meant that in many cases we had to think outside the commercially available box. Which meant tapping into global resources including our head of science, research and development based in Italy.

The spin off from the volume that the mining sector provides is economy of scale and stability, not only has working with major miners meant that we have paved the way for much less environmental impact in the Pilbara, but the volume has allowed us to reduce the price to a point where it is now economically feasible for the wider market to embrace sustainable solutions.

We have said from the outset that we want to involve as much of the local manufacturing and wider community as we can. Every time we grow, we want to grow locally.