Frequently Asked Questions

Why Composting?

Compost turns dirt into soil. Adding compost to the land sequesters carbon back into the soil which aids plant growth, aids water retention and reduces weed infestation.

Is all Compostable Packaging the same?

There are different types of compostable products and they require different composting processes. Some are suitable for home composting and worm farms, while others require a special set of conditions available only at industrial composting facilities.

Is there a Compostable Symbol like the Recycling one?

Due to this being a relatively new industry, there is nothing set in place yet but we are hoping this will change in the near future, so that questions like “is this packaging compostable?” can be answered easily.

Should the Future be Compostable?

We know it should and we want to help encourage every person and business to embrace this solution help reduce the number of non-compostable waste products in our environment.

Why use Compostable Products Instead of Recyclable?

Simplifying waste collection by having the food packaging composting with the food waste, it would save time and help the environment.


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